Price for each sample includes in-gel digestion of gel bands/spots, micro-capillary LC/MS/MS analysis, protein database searching, data analysis and web-based reporting of data

1. Protein Identification from a single SDS-PAGE gel band or spot.  Please provide picture.

Coomassic stained level of protein

  With Harvard 33# billing: With PO number:**
Single gel band or spot $60/each $80/each

Silver or Sypro stained level of protein

  With Harvard 33# billing: With PO number:**
Single gel band or spot $70/each $90/each

2. Protein Identification from Coomassie stained SDS-PAGE gel section (anything that is not a single gel band).  Please provide picture.

  With Harvard 33# billing: With PO number:**
Gel section $140/each $160/each

3. Protein phosphorylation or other modifications:

Samples submitted for modificaitons should be at least stainable by coomassie stain.  In general, the more protein you can provide the better chance we will have of finding modifications.   Each sample will be digested with one enzyme, typically trypsin.  If you want us to digest your sample with more than one enzyme please provide an additional gel sample or request that we split the sample into two.  Please provide the full amino acid sequence of the protein, including any tags, by e-mail when you submit your sample. 

  With Harvard 33# billing: With PO number:**
Modifications $300/each $320/each
Additional enzyme digest $140/each $160/each

4. TCA samples or samples from solution:

We only accept TCA samples or samples in solution with prior consultation.  Please consult with us before preparing samples.  If you want to submit samples by TCA precipitation you should first take about 2-5 percent of your purification and run it on a gel and silver stain.  You should hold the remaining sample until you contact us with the gel picture and we can recommend how best to prepare the remaining sample.  In many cases it is better to run a gel and cut it into sections.

  With Harvard 33# billing: With PO number:**
TCA $300/each $320/each
Solution samples Please consult Please consult


5.  On-Bead digestions:

We do accept bead samples, but please consult prior to submitting.  They should be washed at least five times with 50mM ammonium bicarbonate or Tris-HCl pH 8.0 and then submitted in 100ul of either solution. 


6. SILAC labeled samples:

We only accept SILAC samples with prior consultation.


* Prices effective as of January 1, 2024 and are subject to change.  ** PO numbers should be made payable to Harvard University with this remittance address:

Harvard University
Central Accounts Receivable
PO Box 4999
Boston, MA 02212-4999
For additional information:

Please send PO number forms to (Ross_Tomaino[at]hms[dot]harvard[dot]edu) or to this address:

Ross Tomaino
Harvard Medical School
Taplin Mass Spectrometry Facility
C-Building Room 523B
240 Longwood Ave.
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